Spartan Race Training Program (January Soft Launch)

Spartan Race Training Program (January Soft Launch)

Challenge Details

Are you registered for an Adventure Race and feeling unprepared? Are you considering doing an Adventure Race and want to test out your level of fitness? Or are you just bored with your fitness routine?

Whatever it is, we have an answer! Introducing a 6-week Spartan Training Course, exclusive to CrossFit RE. The program was developed by Darrick Bourgeois, CFRE owner; and Olga Grunskaya, long-time Spartan participant.

The package includes 6 weeks of training:

  • One specialty class on Saturday, 7-8:30 a.m. at SODO, geared toward most people's weaknesses when it comes to Adventure Races: moving heavy and odd objects, climbing ropes, swinging from bars, etc.
  • Two MetCon classes per week. MetCon classes are designed to help you improve your cardiovascular endurance more quickly than traditional endurance training.
  • One trail run per week, organized and led by Olga. Get ready for rough terrain while enjoying the beautiful PNW!
  • And a rad "Prepare for Glory" t-shirt, of course!


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Challenge Info:

Spartan Race Training Program (January Soft Launch)

Dates: Jan. 2, 2018 - Feb. 10, 2018

Reg Deadline: Jan. 1, 2018

Participant Standings

Registration: $200.00 (+ $20.20 tax)

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